Partnership with Customers
The real value of a machine is determined by how much wealth it creates for its owner. It must run reliably for years on end, and produce profits. Our aim is to reach this goal with every machine we build.

Application support
Our experienced technical staff can develop optimum production solutions for every customer from the planning stage through the building stage. Our comprehensive delivery program and our experience in developing turn-key solutions with other partners can be an extraordinary benefit for our customers.

Financial services
WAFIOS is a strong partner in the leasing and financing business. We find the ideal business solution for you because we know so well that each machine sold by WAFIOS must be profitable above all.

Our goal is to meet the agreed delivery time and to guarantee a smooth and efficient commissioning process for our customers' machines.



WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
27 Northeast Industrial Rd
Branford CT 06405 / USA
Phone: 203-871-2040
Fax: 203-871-2041


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