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WAFIOS B 36 Performance CNC Single-Head Bending and Coiling Machine Celebrates Premiere in Düsseldorf

The machine has been developed to reflect customers' growing demands for lower unit costs, while at the same time delivering more flexibility.

Fig. 1 WAFIOS B 36 Performance

Fig. 2 WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyWay with 24" touch screen and hand-held operating device

Fig. 3 Roller straightening unit

Fig. 4 Feed rollers with mechanical clamping function and position display

WAFIOS' company history spans more than 120 years - and now its Performance machines are heralding a new chapter. The machines are produced in China, where WAFIOS operates its own production facility in the city of Zhangjiagang. In time-honored fashion, however, the engineering processes take place at the company's Reutlingen headquarters, harnessing the design expertise that has been established there over many years. Even in their most basic configurations, Performance machines are designed to suit a large number of commonly handled applications - but it is also possible to obtain a defined package of additional options for them.

All Performance machines feature a high-end programming system, which in most cases is the latest version of WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyWay. The machines have been developed with two key aims in mind: to provide a solution that addresses the needs of as many customers as possible, even if they opt for simply the basic version, and to deliver outstanding value for money on the market. The very latest machine to be launched is the WAFIOS B 36, a high-performance CNC bending and coiling machine that has been showcased on selected Asian markets since mid-2017.

Ready-To-Use Machine for Many Common Applications
The basic version of the WAFIOS B 36 features 5 programmable CNC axes for the rotating feed unit, wire feed, cut, bending mandrel, bending pin, and bending head. Another CNC axis, this time for the support plate, is also available as an option. This is suitable for use with bent parts that have long spring legs, for instance.

Also included in the basic version are the WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyWay Programming System with a 24" touch screen and hand-held operating device, a rotating feed axis with roller straightening unit, a manually adjustable bend-back clearance for 400 or 800 mm, a ready-prepared interface for connecting the pay-off unit, plus a tool kit with the option of a four-pin bending tool in a two-radius version for soft wire (2.0-6.5 mm; suitable for eyelets, for example) or a milled multi-radius tool that is suitable for spring steel wire (2.0-3.6 mm) and narrow bending radii. The feed unit comes complete with a mechanical clamping system for the four feed rollers, plus a position display. The maximum feed speed is 120 m/min with a maximum rotation of +/-200°. The now-familiar WAFIOS concept of turning the wire

and not the bending head has been integrated into the machine. The bending head is instead mounted in a fixed position, bringing a whole host of benefits when it comes to performance, process reliability, quality, and service life. Process and reliability were in fact the attributes that were right at the top of the WAFIOS developers' list of priorities, and the fully manually adjustable feed unit plus straightening apparatus ensure that they are achieved. Machine operators are able to choose from two different positions based on the range of parts being handled and the required bend-back clearance. All this results in not only improved safety and quality, but also an increase in processing speed.

Defined Package of Options for More Applications
The basic version of the B 36 can be expanded to suit the requirements of different applications. The following are the main options being made available: CNC-controlled support plate, special tools, guide wheel for processing spring steel (enabling improved process reliability even in the case of complex geometries), interfaces for M functions, air conditioning unit, CE-compliant protective fence, laser scanning device, and WAFIOS H3 standard pay-off unit.

Modern Operating Concept - High-End WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyWay Programming System
The WAFIOS B 36 Performance is operated using a 24" touch screen. The latest version comes with WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyWay installed. Featuring exceptionally clear screen masks, this programming system is easy to use thanks to its intuitive operator guidance concept. The WAFIOS high-end hand-held operating device is also included in the basic package. The B 36 enables geometric part programming, while the VPN router that is part of the basic package makes it possible to connect additional service functions with secure encryption and provides the option of iQ functions for process optimization.

WAFIOS B 36: Versatile Even in Its Basic Version
The machine is suitable for applications including bent parts for the automotive industry and its suppliers, the furniture industry, retail and store fitting, the household and electronics industry, the construction industry, and much more besides.


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