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WAFIOS RE Performance Straightening and Cutting Machines Get the Job Done

Fig. 1 WAFIOS RE 30 Performance

Among the hallmarks of WAFIOS Performance machines is the reliable equipment that forms a sturdy foundation for building up the machines themselves. For the equipment to be suitable for use in all kinds of common applications, it needs to live up to WAFIOS' exacting standards - and that goes for everything down to its most basic elements. Looking specifically at the RE range, this means that even the basic versions of the machines are made to suit the majority of standard wire-straightening and cutting applications. A package of additional options is available for applications with more complicated requirements than this.

What's more, all WAFIOS Performance machines feature a state-of-the-art user interface based on the R range of High-Performance machines.

The successful Performance machine concept is founded on the desire to reach as wide a range of customers as possible even with simply the basic version of a machine - and it does this with selling points that include excellent value for money.

A World of Applications Even With the Basics
The WAFIOS RE range is most commonly used in applications including rods for welded fences, gabions, cable support systems, goods carriers, displays, white goods, welding electrodes, steel reinforcing mesh, and other bar-related materials.

Even the basic versions of the RE wire straightening and cutting machines boast an extensive range of features and are exceptionally easy to use. The machines are operated using a control panel, and screens provide the option of entering data such as the wire diameter, feed speed, basic pay-off unit speed as a percentage, input and display of the total piece count, and so on. There are also several functions integrated into the control panel, including roller opening and closing, jog mode, cover strip opening and closing, pay-off unit brake release and application, and error messages. 

The cut release function, which uses a manually adjustable release head, is a method of triggering a cut electromechanically via a lever. Its advantage is the constant, extremely low level of length tolerance - maintained at +/-0.2 mm/m - that it allows during production, as this results in higher product quality standards.

Expanded Range of Uses Thanks to Optional Equipment Versions, Catering to Customers' Needs WAFIOS offers numerous option packages to ensure that the RE range is able to meet customers' requirements as effectively as possible.

One option accommodates the production of short rods at a high cutting output rate and with a fixed stop. The fixed stop in this case is a mechanical stop, and this widens the range of products that can be produced on the machine.

WAFIOS also offers two different ranges of pay-off units, allowing customers to make a choice that will optimize the interaction between the pay-off unit and straightening machine. In particular, this can lead to a boost in quality or increased output. The H range, for instance, is suitable for applications that involve simply processing wire coils or compact coils. The AHP range, meanwhile, is recommended if options for fixing the wire material in place are also required - for example, if wire coil carriers and wire spools need to undergo additional processing.

Yet another option is the WAFIOS comfort package for the RE range. This includes additional equipment for driving a straightening rotor with a frequency converter as well as feed speed compensation, designed to reduce the number of rods that are too short when the machine is started up. The custom-controllable rotor speed makes it possible to adjust the rods in order to suit the material being processed. A 10-15% increase in machine output can be achieved depending on the nature of the application.

A directly attached construction, the tilting station is the ideal choice for boosting machine availability.It offers the advantage of enabling rods to be removed and collected during production, and tipped into a rod end alignment device or other transport equipment. There is also the option of using the rod end alignment device to create bundles that can go on to be processed in welding machine magazines immediately afterwards, saving significant amounts of time.

Lubricant and wire cleaning tanks are additional items of equipment that are fitted into the machine in front of the wire inlet. A holding device is used for this. Their purpose is to lubricate material with dry surfaces, or prepare wires that cannot be processed without their surfaces being cleaned, ahead of the straightening process itself. This cuts down on damage to the wire surface and can even prevent it altogether.

Cooling units are other options that are available for applications with additional air-conditioning needs.

Modern User Interface Based on R Range of High-Performance Machines
Even better performance with even more user convenience - and with an optimized, language-neutral user guidance concept.


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