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Field service rates, terms and schedule, are available from, our Service and Spare Parts Departments. Field service will be scheduled only after receipt of a purchase order.

Telephone troubleshooting assistance is usually available free of charge but, WAFIOS Machinery Corporation (WMC) cannot guarantee that someone will be available to take a customer's call at any given time. When there is an urgent need users should send a Technical Assistance Request (TAR) form (a .pdf file) to WMC, as the first step in the troubleshooting process.

From the link below, our TAR form can be filled out online and emailed, or printed and faxed to us. The form asks for important information about the machine, the problem, and how we should return contact. WMC needs to be able to quickly share this information in-house and when necessary, with our support staff in Germany. This allows us to consult and review the documentation before we take up the customer's time in phone calls. This form does not replace all phone consultations but it is always the best start of the troubleshooting process.

Facilities Questionnaire

Utilities connection data sheet. Potential users are asked to provide information including voltage measurements for all phases of the electrical branch where servomotor driven machinery will be installed. (.pdf)


Here you will find all available information for free download, like handouts, free training and information documents, sample contracts and online form.



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Spare Parts

Phone: 203-481-5559

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