WMC Resident Staff includes Electromechanical technicians and Engineering level Computer and Electronics personnel, plus full technical service & engineering staff from WAG Germany as needed.

Rates & Schedule

Field Service rates can be obtained from, and service orders placed with the WMC service coordinator at

Remote Troubleshooting

Telephone assistance is available however we cannot guarantee a technician will be available to take a customer call at any given time. Particularly when there is urgency, customers are encouraged to send a

Technical Assistance Request

The TAR is always the best start to the troubleshooting process. That form contains information about the machine, the problem and how we should return contact. It does not replace all phone consultations but it is always the best start. The TAR can be filled in and submitted from our website or printed and faxed.


The new WAFIOS remote maintenance concept offers prompt and globally available service support for your machine. Pre-condition for networked, digitalized production (Smart Factory 4.0). Basis for preventive maintenance and condition monitoring / Increased productivity / Enhanced efficiency as well as machine availability due to reduced downtimes / Safe - Effective - Trend-Setting



WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
27 Northeast Industrial Rd
Branford CT 06405 / USA
Phone: 203-871-2040
Fax: 203-871-2041

E-Mail: service@remove-this.wafios.us
Internet: www.wafios.us

Spare Parts

Phone: 203-481-5559
E-Mail: parts@wafios.us

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