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After hours: messages by voicemail, e-mail or fax Quoting & Ordering

Field service rates, terms and schedule, are available from, our Service and Spare Parts Departments. Field service will be scheduled only after receipt of a purchase order.

Telephone troubleshooting assistance is usually available free of charge but, WAFIOS Machinery Corporation (WMC) cannot guarantee that someone will be available to take a customer's call at any given time. When there is an urgent need users should send a Technical Assistance Request (TAR) form (a .pdf file) to WMC, as the first step in the troubleshooting process.



WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
27 Northeast Industrial Rd
Branford CT 06405 / USA
Phone: 203-871-2040
Fax: 203-871-2041

E-Mail: service@remove-this.wafios.us
Internet: www.wafios.us

Spare Parts

Phone: 203-481-5559
E-Mail: parts@wafios.us

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