Hairpins and Stator Connection Assemblies

CNC machines for the production of electrical components for electric motors and accumulators

Benefits FMU E Series
  • The new FMU E series is a unique machine concept for the production of hairpins and stator connection assemblies. It complements the successful FMU series in the e-mobility area.
  • The simulation of the bending process opens new possibilities in the e-mobility sector, e.g. as a tool for feasibility analyses or collision control.
  • The WAFIOS tool system for hairpins combines active rotary-draw bending with the agility of conventional wire bending tools. It prevents the material from slipping and increases the quality of complicated geometries.
  • The newly developed infeed unit prevents deformations of the profiled material and enables - together with the tool system - the positioning of end legs.
  • Our programming system WPS 3.2 EasyWay offers easy, geometrical programming and a clearly arranged overview of the materials and tools used.
  • The production process of the FMU E series can be complemented by insulation stripping, burr-optimized cutting and chamfering modules.
FMU 32 E
Tensile strength max 400 N/mm²
Cross section max. 20,25 mm
Thickness max. 4,5 mm
Width max. 8,0 mm
Bend-back clearance max. 250 mm
Stroke, vertical table + 70 / - 120 mm
Stroke, vertical table + / - 90 mm
Stroke, slide 95 mm
Dimension w x d x h 1600 x 2300 x 2250 mm
Weight without pay-off unit ca. 3600 kg
Upgradable to max. CNC axes 24
FMU 40 E
Tensile strength max 400 N/mm²
Cross section max. 30,25 mm
Thickness max. 5,5 mm
Width max. 10,0 mm
Bend-back clearance max. 450 mm
Stroke, vertical table + 55 / - 175 mm
Stroke, vertical table +/ - 90
Stroke, slide 130 mm
Dimension w x d x h 2040 x 3120 x 2400 mm
Weight without pay-off unit ca. 5900 kg
Upgradable to max. CNC axes 24
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Benefits SpeedFormer
  • Flexible change of hairpin geometries without retooling due to 3d bending technology that does not require any shapedependent tools
  • All hairpin geometries of a stator can be produced economically in batch size 1 by one machinery system
  • The compatibility of machinery systems ensures a quick transfer of projects, if needed
  • Reliable concept - from the development phase to series production - thanks to our WAFIOS production technology integrated in prototypes as well as large-volume series
  • High output combined with minimum space requirements and low investment costs
  • Quality control by integrated verifi cation and control of geometry features, e.g. leg position or contact surface, using intelligent camera measuring technology
Material cross section max. 20,0 mm²
Thickness 1 - 6 mm
Width 2 - 8 mm
Feed length Freely programmable, max. 800 mm
Rod length 150 - 800 mm
Insulation stripping length max. 40 mm
Power up to 60 pcs./min
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