Wafios USA
WAFIOS Machinery Corporation  •  27 NE Industrial Road  •  Branford CT 06405 USA  •  Telephone (203) 481-5555  •  Fax (203) 481-9854

WAFIOS Machinery Products

Spring Making / Grinding
Machinery for
Compression - Tension  Torsion Springs
Machinery for
Wire - Tube
Straighten & Cut / Chamfer
Machinery for round
 Wire - Bar - Tube
Retaining Ring Coiling
Machinery for
Coiling Round & Elliptical Retaining Rings from Rectangular Wire with Die Cut
Special Parts Coil-Form
Coil Machinery for
Electronics & Lighting
Flexible Metal Hose
Ring Coiling & Butt Welding
Machinery for
Coiling & Welding Plane Circular Rings
WAFIOS: Brillenbiegemaschinen
Single and Double Heading
Fastener Machinery for
Nails - Brads - Screws
Staples - Hog-Rings
Eyeglass Frames
Automated Forming
Rebuilding Services &
Second Hand Machines
Chain Making
Machinery for
 Machinery for
 Barbed Wire - Hex Mesh
Chain Link -  Field Fence
Wire Butt Welding
 Machinery for
 Steels - Alloys - Nonferrous Wire and Strand


Offering Products for Processing and Producing Wire & Wire Articles